Saint-Saens’s Organ Symphony

Babe-The-Sheep-Pig-Landscape-image.jpgAnother programme note – I just played this piece with an amateur orchestra and, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to it. But by the time it came to concert day it was a really exhilarating piece to play and I really enjoyed putting together the programme note for this one (and reliving some childhood memories!) Continue reading


Berlioz’s ‘Le Carnaval Romain’ overture


Piazza Colonna – the setting of the ‘Carnaval’

Another programme note – this time for an entirely French programme. This one was a nice opportunity to look back at Berlioz, and most notably his unintentionally hilarious Memoirs. I wrote my undergrad dissertation about Berlioz so there was something very comforting about returning to this slightly mad composer. Continue reading

Haworth Parsonage


View of the church from the Parsonage

Usually I just stick to musical locations, but I’m going to branch out to somewhere a little more literary. (That’s not to say this isn’t in some ways a musical place, but that’s not what it’s known for). The Haworth Parsonage was the home of the Brontë family, and I’ve been a Brontë-mega-fan for as long as I can remember. One of my closest friends lives in Yorkshire and I’d been badgering her for a long time about going. So we made our way over the moors for a visit. Continue reading

Birmingham Symphony Hall

Symphony-Hall-credit-Craig-Holmes-med-res-23ch1111-216.jpgAt the end of my first year exams at uni I treated myself to a ticket to see Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto at Birmingham Symphony Hall (the treat was the time, not the money. It wasn’t very expensive at all – £4). And I completely fell in love with the place. I went straight to the info desk and asked how I could get a job there.  Continue reading