Saint-Saens’s Organ Symphony

Babe-The-Sheep-Pig-Landscape-image.jpgAnother programme note – I just played this piece with an amateur orchestra and, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to it. But by the time it came to concert day it was a really exhilarating piece to play and I really enjoyed putting together the programme note for this one (and reliving some childhood memories!) Continue reading


Berlioz’s ‘Le Carnaval Romain’ overture


Piazza Colonna – the setting of the ‘Carnaval’

Another programme note – this time for an entirely French programme. This one was a nice opportunity to look back at Berlioz, and most notably his unintentionally hilarious Memoirs. I wrote my undergrad dissertation about Berlioz so there was something very comforting about returning to this slightly bonkers composer. Continue reading