Calling for Carl – Cycling to Nielsen places in Copenhagen


My friend Eli has recently embarked on a fantastic, envy-inducing adventure and moved to Copenhagen for 6 months. Her and her husband have taken the chance to move to a new city, learn a new language and experience a different culture. You can read about her adventures on her blog, Living Danish-Eli (and if you look closely you might be able to spot me). Their whole adventure has given me a lot to think about, but first of all I had to think about that I wanted to do when I went to visit them this spring. Continue reading


Národní divadlo – Opera in Prague


I’ve been having quite a lot of adventures this year, and all of a sudden it’s been several months since I’ve written anything. I also went freelance a few months ago, and the positives are that I have much more time for travel. The negatives mean that what was previously a nice hobby feels like working for free in my spare time (by that I mean writing, not going on holiday!) Not all of my recent adventures have been musical, but so far this year I’ve managed to squeeze in trips to France, Denmark, Sweden and the Czech Republic. Continue reading

Opera: Passion, Power and Politics


I was lucky enough to go to the press launch of the new exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum today – it’s called Opera: Passion, Power and Politics and officially opens this Saturday 30th September. The way the exhibition is structured is around 7 different operas and 7 cities, and the relationship between each – so, absolutely perfect for this blog about music and travel. I don’t think I can claim this is a review but I can share some thoughts about my visit. Continue reading

Opera and outdoor picnics


What does summer sound like to you? Maybe it’s the pock pock pock of tennis, the buzz buzz buzz of a wasp or the pat pat pat of heavily-applied suncream. For me, it’s the sounds of corks popping, sandwiches being unwrapped and singers doing their vocal exercises. By that I mean the season of opera festivals that signal the beginning of British summer time. I’m going to talk about four different opera picnic combo options: Opera Holland Park, Grange Park Opera, Big Screen Opera and firstly, Glyndebourne.

Continue reading