Peace in Hiroshima

IMG_3891 Itsukushima Shrine

The shrine on Miyajima / Itsukushima

I’m not sure if Hiroshima would be a tourist destination had 6th August 1945 been different. Maybe it would just be a place to stay to easily get to the sacred island of Itsukushima, and I don’t think I would’ve heard of the city. But in 2016 the city received 2 million visitors, and it was one of the ten city stops on my around-the-country tour of Japan. Continue reading


Consecrating Coventry Cathedral


Coventry Cathedral – photo from Association of British Cathedrals

The first time I heard Britten’s War Requiem in concert (at Symphony Hall in Birmingham), I went home and was violently ill. Ok, it may have been food poisoning, but I prefer to think I was so struck by the power of the music that I had a strong physical reaction to the emotions it drew out of me. That’s the angle I’d go for in my biography anyway. Continue reading